Arrrgh WARNING, may be TMI as to GI symptoms

Today is one of those pretty bad GP days where I am going to go back to bed (up since 3:30am)  and stay near a bathroom. Feeling pretty awful, It’s one of those days you wouldn’t know anything is wrong with med because I was able to stay cheerful and chipper while I ran a few errands (not to be TMI, but this is the disease, having to stop and use the bathroom at almost each location and hurry home).
Now I’m nauseous, bloated, terrible stomach cramps. I didn’t overindulge last night. I had a salad, but Iceberg lettuce is supposed to be “OK”.  I’ve had only Boost/Ensure type drinks today and I did them at the right times. It’s one of those frustrating days because I feel like I “did everything right” as far as my GP diet but I am still miserable!! (Which is just how the disease is, you can’t control it, which is of course hard for a control freak… ) Sometimes it just makes you want to give up trying to follow the prescribed diet.
Here are a couple GP articles of interest….
I personally don’t vomit,  though I do regurgitate (TMI: “throw up in my mouth”). I have a phobia about vomiting and I have read that people with such a phobia actually will NOT usually be able to vomit with the phobia.  I also have a “parrot beak deformity” in my esophagus which I’ve been told inhibits vomiting….

I’m an idiot… no an “idiopathic” GPer, meaning they don’t know why I have it. Here’s and article on that:
Thanks for “listening”.
May the 4th be with you!
Off to take tummy meds, put on clothes that will be really loose on my bloated, sore tummy, drink some gingerale and REST.  Ugh…..  Nighty night. (Luckily I indulged is some super soft, super comfortable PJs that were on sale at Costco, so that will bring me some comfort…)


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