Darn GP

Darn it! I actually got out for a relaxing car ride and a beautiful walk in the park around the lake yesterday which is very soothing for me. We went to Hannen Lake Park, which is where the attached picture of me swinging was taken. Unfortunately, because of my GP (gastroparesis) and GERD (reflux), and a visual migraine morphing into a headache, the day ended early and became a bed day from late afternoon on.

I hadn’t eaten enough yesterday, particularly given the walk.  I was feeling nauseous and reflux after the walk but drank a (warm) Boost supplement because I knew I needed to (and Mark coached me to which puts him in an awful situation). This made my nausea and reflux much, much worse.

I spent almost the whole ride home (and much of the late afternoon) concentrating on not throwing up (another “phobia” of mine) and trying to will the nausea to go away.  Of course, as you try to control these things you tighten up your muscles, including those in your GI tract, get anxious, and generally make things much worse.  Deep breathing helps some, but wasn’t a big help yesterday.  Fear of having one of these GP exacerbations also makes me reluctant to be away from home thus contributing to the tendency to avoid social situations.

When we got home between 4 & 5pm, I took meds and went to bed (lying still in just the right position sometimes helps the GP, though this is counter-intuitive with regard to GERD).

I was then up from about 3:30am on, thus the early morning Facebook posts <grin>, Luckily no impulse Amazon purchases (one click is dangerous for insomniacs!!) Baahhhhahahah! and got up and ate something at 4:30am which then made me feel awful again at 6am.  It’s a vicious cycle sometimes. I got up at 6:30 and took more meds. Feeling a little better now.

I’m very grateful that I did get a walk in yesterday, and I’m hoping to get something small in outside today (goal is a short bike ride).  It was such a wonderfully beautiful day yesterday.  I enJOYed seeing all the flowers, plants, and trees budding in all their exciting spring glory!!! Spring is my favorite season, and I love seeing it in full bloom!!!


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