Hiding out

I got quite a bit accomplished by 1 or 130 today. I  dis some cleaning and house chores that have needed to be done for a while  Then I made glitter bombs for my GP family and got them mailed. Glitter bombs are homemade cards with some bling and/or a GP symbol on them. Then when you put them in the envelope, you put a bunch of glitter in. (We only send them to GPers that ask as some would NOT appreciate the mess.)  I LOVE sending cards, so being in this program is wonderful. I’ve (virtually) met some great women through the GP website. So that’s a good part of GP. The bad part is the nausea and bloating and regurgitation. I rested in the recliner for awhile, but my tummy felt extremely bloated and a little nauseous, so I gave in and went to lie down in bed. (Sometimes lying flat v. sitting up helps the bloating feel better.) I look 5-6 months pregnant when the bloating is really bad which is why I pretty much wear yoga pants and sweats almost all the time.
Anyhoo, it’s a BEAUTIFUL day,  but I just can’t bring myself to leave the house.  I feel just awful for “hiding out” in the yoga room, but it’s all I really want to do. It feels like it’s all I can manage today too. I can’t really  concentrate to read, so I’ve been trying to listen to my Audible book, but ii’s a David Baldacci (One Mile) and I keep getting lost with all the characters since I often fall asleep while listening <grin> I feel like I “SHOULD” go for a walk in the park, or at least sit on the deck, but I just want to hide out. (I did exercise at ,6 this morning.) I was up til between 11-12 last night and then at 5:15 this morning when Mark left to go golfing. So that, along with my GP makes sense that I’m tired. However, I know that the “hiding out” or isolation as it is called clinically, is from the depression and slight agoraphobia, and part laziness <grin>.  I hate the isolation thing, it tends to make all the social aspects worse.
So I found the attached meme/picture on Facebook today and it seemed so appropriate for me. The last paragraph is especially true for me.  Sometimes I just want to check out for awhile and have someone take care of me (when to take meds, when to eat and have something for me, planned activities and therapy etc…) Sometimes I just want to be in the hospital again where all of those things occur. I’ll keep pushing on, but also resting.
Sorry this is rambling and all over the place.  I am tired and I had to take meds for my stomach and muscle pain that make me pretty tired and loopy! EnJOY this beautiful day! I am really feeling loopy and nauseous, so I’m going to go lay down again.

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