Serenity, Acceptance, and Loving Myself


Some time ago my youngest niece sent me a card with the Serenity Prayer on it. I look at it every day, not due to a substance abuse issue, rather for a “letting go” and “new reality” perspective. In visiting with my therapist today, it became pretty obvious that I have not fully accepted and certainly haven’t found serenity with the changes in my life due to my chronic health issues.  Rationally, I think I have the wisdom to KNOW the difference between what I can change and what I can NOT change, but after 5 years of many new and different challenges, emotionally, I still don’t LIVE the difference. I have not accepted the things I can not change, or as she said, I have not let go of my previous identities and accepted my new realities. Because of this, I have stunted the growth of who the “New Johnna” may become.  I’ve kept myself in a vicious cycle that is not one of learning, and most importantly not one of loving myself. I do love the quote shown below. So that’s my challenge, to stop being at war with myself. To show myself warloving kindness,  compassion, tenderness, patience and forgiveness, and yes, love!



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